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The change from Background Investigation Bureau to Bchex marks a significant milestone in our company's history. Bchex represents our commitment to modern and technological innovation. The name, with its unique spelling and shorthand, conveys our distinctiveness in a crowded market. Our custom-designed logo and font underscore our originality, establishing 'chex' as our proprietary term. The color palette honors our past while signaling our future-focused vision. Bchex represents our dedication to leading the background screening industry with cutting-edge technology and unparalleled service.


Is BIB being bought out or doing a merger?

No, there's no buyout or merger happening with us. We're still the same company, legally known as Background Investigation Bureau, and there's been no change in our ownership or structure. We've filed a Doing Business As (DBA) with the State of North Carolina, which allows us to use the name Bchex for our business operations. This means that while our official legal name remains Background Investigation Bureau, we will present ourselves as Bchex in all our communications and branding. Using a DBA name is a common practice for companies wanting to update their brand or operate under a name different from their legal corporate name without altering their legal structure. It's part of our effort to refresh our brand and align more closely with our future goals and offerings.

Is this a name change or is BIB the parent company?

It's a name change, not a situation where BIB is the parent company of Bchex. We've officially changed our name by filing a "Doing Business As" (DBA) with the State of North Carolina. This means we are still the same company, but we're now operating under the new name, Bchex.

What Systems or Software Changes will Happen?

Since it's just a name change and not a buyout or merger, our systems and software offerings will continue as they have been. However, we're always working on improving and developing new enhancements and technology solutions. So, while there won't be any system changes just because of the name change, you can definitely look forward to some exciting announcements and updates from us this year.

Why do you use the term "A BIB Company" in your Logo

We're using "A BIB Company" in our logo for a short while to help our customers feel comfortable and reassure them they're in the right place, especially since many of you have known us as BIB for almost 30 years, and some have been with us for over 20 years. We understand that changes like these can be challenging, and we want to make this transition as smooth as possible for you.

Do we need to change the agreements that are currently in place?

For our existing clients, there's no need to change your current agreements. This is because Background Investigation Bureau LLC remains our legal entity, so everything stays the same on that front. For new clients, we'll start using the Bchex name in our agreements. As we update agreements over time with existing customers, we'll also transition to using the Bchex name. Legally, Background Investigation Bureau LLC and Bchex are the same entity. We've filed a DBA (Doing Business As), which legally allows us to use both names.

Does Your Account Payable Department need a new Vendor Packet?

No, new vendor packets for Accounts Payable aren't necessary. Since our legal entity, Background Investigation Bureau LLC, hasn't changed—only our name has changed through a DBA (Doing Business As)—all the legal and financial details remain the same. This means there's no need for updated vendor packets because our company's legal and financial standing hasn't altered.

What name should be used when paying the invoice?

When paying by check or any other method, please start using the name "Bchex" as the payee after April 30th. However, our financial institution will still accept checks made out to "Background Investigation Bureau." We kindly ask that you update the payee name to "Bchex" going forward.

Do we need to get another W9?

No, you don't need a new W-9 form because of our name change. The change is a "Doing Business As" (DBA) change, so our legal entity, Background Investigation Bureau LLC, remains the same. Therefore, a new W-9 is not required.

You've seen our brand grow and evolve.

We understand that change can be challenging, and sometimes, it's not easy to embrace. That's why we're taking a moment to share our roadmap for transformation with you. 

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Phase 1: Get Set (Month 1)

We're getting together to brainstorm and make sure Bchex starts off on the right foot. We're taking care of all the legal stuff and paperwork along the way. Plus, we're looking forward to showing our team the new Bchex look and handing out some cool new gear. 

Phase 2: Teaming Up (Months 1-2) 

In the next step, we'll engage our customers about the upcoming shift with targeted emails and personal calls. After the initial communications we are introducing Bchex initially presenting it as Bchex, A BIB Company' across our digital platforms. This co-branding strategy eases the transition, pairing the new Bchex logo with the well-known BIB emblem for a smooth, recognizable update. 

Phase 3: The Big Shift (Months 3-9)

On the tech front, we are giving our software and customer service tools a Bchex makeover. Expect to see the new branding on most interactions, whether it's an email in your inbox or how we handle your customer support requests. Our marketing efforts are now all about Bchex.  Our website is being revamped to reflect Bchex as we begin migrating previous blog posts, articles, and digital assets. We have been BIB for a long time, so finding and updating everything will take some time. 

Phase 4: The Grand Reveal

We have actually been creating a slow transition to our new name to help everyone make the change, but we still want to celebrate when we are done!   

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