Changing How Organizations Screen Volunteers

Background checks for volunteers don't have to be complicated. Secure Volunteer makes it easy, combining great technology with a quality screen. It's perfect for schools, churches, sports leagues and non-profits.

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Premium Volunteer Screening Practices

Secure Volunteer offers the most reliable and affordable background screen available which includes:


Address History Trace:

This report reveals names, DOB’s and addresses associated with a specific Social Security number. AHT will go back at least seven (7) years.


National Sex Offender Search:

A comprehensive, real-time search of registered sex offender registries in all 50 states plus D.C., Puerto Rico, Guam and Native American Tribal Registries.


Nationwide Criminal Locator:

A database search of over 400 million criminal records regularly collected from over 2,500 public and proprietary sources. All hits are verified at the court of record.


County Searches:

Based on the profile created from
the AHT, each jurisdiction/county identified is searched. County courts are the official court of record as most cases are filed and maintained here, meaning the most complete and accurate information is located here.


Also Know As (AKAs):

These can include maiden names, nicknames or aliases. Many people don't always use the same name! Having as many possible names to search increases your chances of finding records.


Guardian Monitoring:

Guardian monitoring is one of the most used tools within SecureVolunteer. Your account can be enabled with constant monitoring of all past applicants to ensure you are kept up to date with the status of each individual. This eliminates any surprises that may arise between annual screens.

How Does Secure Volunteer Work?

Secure Volunteer is super-easy to use. Just follow these steps!
  1. Your volunteer visits your branded volunteer registration page that we build for you.
  2. Your volunteer enters their information online - No more paper forms!
  3. You confirm the applicant, then we screen them using our professional-grade background check.
  4. Review reports and make pass or decline decisions. We mail the approved applicant a unique volunteer ID card, so you can easily identify your qualified volunteer as they serve.
Secure Volunteer

Secure Verified ID cards

Add an extra layer of security to your organization with customized verification cards for each of your background check individuals. You can ensure an applicant is screened and up-to-date when presenting you with their verified card.


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