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Convenient and Easy Volunteer Background Checks

Background screening for volunteers keeps everyone safe—it’s that simple. Whether you work with children, the elderly, or the general public, volunteer background checks provide the peace of mind that comes with knowing everyone on-site has been approved to be there.

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Secure, Easy Volunteer Background Screening 

Secure Volunteer is great for volunteer organizations and volunteers alike! Benefits include:

For Organizations:

Get affordable, high-quality background checks for every volunteer.

Offer volunteers the option of helping your organization with background check self-pay.

Stay up to speed with real-time background check ETA notifications and reports.

Streamline the front-desk check-in process.

For Volunteers:

Complete your background check quicker and get to work helping your community.

Use your digital volunteer ID card to access volunteer organization facilities and grounds.

Keep your personal information secure and up-to-date in the Secure Volunteer app.

Volunteer Screening Resources 

Trusted by thousands of organizations, Secure Volunteer helps to make the volunteer experience more efficient and enjoyable for everyone involved.

To learn more, access these helpful resources anytime:

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