Applicant Express

Faster Background Checks Initiated from Any Device

When you want to get new hires and volunteers up and running in a new role, it’s critical to have an efficient background check process.

With Applicant Express by Bchex, you can get the process rolling quicker using our mobile-friendly applicant portal.

applicant express mobile

A Modern, Paperless Background Check

An old-fashioned background check requires emailing paper forms back and forth to applicants. Not only is this time-consuming and costly, but it can also be inconvenient for applicants who don’t have access to a scanner or printer.

Applicant Express automates these steps so you can run paperless background screenings and get new hires on board quicker. Prospective hires simply access the applicant portal from any computer or smartphone, submit the required information, and we do the rest!

How Applicant Express Works

The Applicant Express portal is easy to navigate! Straightforward language and intuitive screen prompts guide applicants through every step of the process.

See how easy it is for your applicants:

Step 1:

Applicants access the portal at from any desktop, laptop, or smartphone.

Step 2:

They enter the login credentials you provided.

Step 3:

They follow the prompts to review legal disclosures and authorize their background check.

Step 4:

They enter their contact information and any details you request, such as:

  • Address history
  • Former legal names
  • Driver and professional license information
  • Employment history, including dates and job titles
  • Educational history, including dates and degrees earned
  • Personal and professional references

How Applicant Express Improves the Candidate Experience

In a competitive job market, you want to do everything possible to run an efficient hiring process and reduce your time to hire. But an overly long background check process can get in the way of those goals.

Applicant Express streamlines the process by letting applicants initiate their background checks. They enter everything needed to start the process and stay informed along the way.

The online applicant portal is great for applicants because it is:

  • User Friendly

  • Accessible from desktop and mobile devices

  • Compliant with applicable federal and local laws

  • Able to scan ID documents so applicants don’t have to type in the details (mobile devices only)